Applying the Enneagram

Explore how the Enneagram applies to various topics

Communication in a Remote Work Setting

Guidance to avoid potential pitfalls and improve your relationship with other Enneagram types when working remote.

Enneagram at Work: Best Practices

Learn how to use the Enneagram in a constructive way and understand what "misuses" to watch out for.

Enneagram Types in Uncertainty & Crisis

How each type is triggered by uncertainty and crisis, what to watch out for, and suggestions to cultivate resilience.

Enneagram Superpowers by Type

Each Enneagram type has gifts and capacities inherent to their personality. Here's what we think is each type's "superpower." 

How to Stop Stressing Yourself Out

Each Enneagram type has a unique way of stressing themselves out. Here's a breakdown of internal stressors and how to get out of it.

Recognizing & Processing Grief

Each personality type has a characteristic way of relating to their emotions - the hardest of which to recognize and process is grief.

Racial Justice & Stereotyping

The human brain stereotypes as a kind of "mental shorthand" on the basis of race, gender, age, even Enneagram type. For society to change, we need to wake up.

The Energy Behind Anger

Anger is a powerful energy that can be channeled in productive ways. Here's what triggers each Enneagram type to anger and how to harness it.

Stop Overcommitting

People of all Enneagram types can become overprogrammed for reasons inherent to their personality. Here’s how to stop overcommitting and start asserting healthy boundaries.

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