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Why Take an Enneagram Test?

There are many ways to determine your Enneagram personality type, from asking friends and family for their insights and observations to learning about each of the types and subjectively evaluating for yourself which one resonates most. However, no approach is without limitations. Determining your type through subjective evaluation requires a deep understanding of the Enneagram and each of the nine personality types it describes - which takes time. 

That's why we recommend using an Enneagram assessment to speed up the process. While no test that relies on self-reporting is 100% accurate, it remains a useful tool for guiding people who are new to the Enneagram toward the personality type(s) they are most likely to resonate with.

How Does This Test Work?

The Voyance Enneagram Assessment is uniquely designed to provide clear results, quickly. Unlike other assessments which require you to answer hundreds of questions, our test consists of just 48 questions chosen to get to the bottom of how your personality operates as efficiently as possible without sacrificing accuracy. These 48 questions take about 15 minutes to complete and prompt you to consider how strongly you relate to statements covering a range of topics - from your typical working style to how you respond to stress.

Within 5 minutes of completing the test, you'll receive an email with your results. This email includes a PDF with your relative scores and guidance on how to confirm the theory of your type established by your test results. While there's ultimately no substitute for accurate self-reflection, it's highly likely that the assessment will provide meaningful insight into the types that are most likely to be your dominant type.

Test Instructions

For the most accurate results - and for reasons that will be explained in supplemental materials once you receive your results - please answer the questions...

  • As self-honestly as possible (i.e., as you actually operate, rather than as you think you should or wish you would operate)
  • From the consideration of what you do or how you think most consistently
  • From the perspective of your younger self (e.g., how did you operate in adolescence / early adulthood? This is when personality is most recognizable)
  • Without overthinking the questions - go with your initial response

The test costs $20, and you will be asked to provide payment information prior to submitting your assessment. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].



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